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Expanding Light: Learn to Meditate Retreat

Expanding Light: Learn to Meditate Retreat

During this weekend retreat, you have the best setting for learning how to meditate. At The Expanding Light’s Northern California Retreat you’ll feel the uplifting peace of more than 40 years of people’s devoted meditation practice. The welcoming and relaxed atmosphere here, the daily practice of meditation after yoga postures, the humor and joy of the staff, and the wonderful fellow students – all will help you relax and experience inner peace.

Nayaswami Mukti

Ananda Minister and Counselor, Ananda Meditation Teacher

What is a nayaswami?

Nayaswami Mukti  is a certified Ananda Meditation teacher and has worked for years in Ananda’s ministry, teaching a variety of classes in Ananda meditation groups and in programs at The Expanding Light. Her warm and caring nature, her lively sense of humor, and her clear-minded and practical approach to applying the spiritual teachings in one’s own life win her retreat weekends rave reviews.

Ganesha Kieran

Certified Ananda Yoga teacher

Ganesha is a certified Ananda Yoga teacher, and has also worked for decades as an engineer while supporting his family of four. With a natural scientific bent, Ganesha brings a practical groundedness to his teaching of yoga and meditation, which many students find both helpful and refreshing.

Sahaja Sims

Ananda Minister and Counselor, Hatha Yoga Teacher
What is a nayaswami?

Sahaja is a minister and yoga teacher who has been practicing yoga postures and meditation since 1975. Loving the sense of calm the practices brought her, in 1991 she joined Ananda’s community in Palo Alto and began practicing with greater depth and regularity.

What guests say about the Expanding Light retreats:

“Mukti’s Meditation class was amazing, I learned so much and all my questions about meditation were answered. Her teaching style is fun, well organized, and she made “learning how to meditate” so much easier. The class exceeded all my expectations and I can’t wait to return!  —D.A., Santa Rosa, Ca.

“I had a wonderful experience in the Meditation class given by Mukti. She is enthusiastic and positive. Anything that was given to her in the way of questions or personal experience was validated. This made an atmosphere of love and acceptance.”   —K.T., Sebastopol, CA

“The Learn to Meditate Retreat was all one would hope it to be. Friendly people, great atmosphere, delicious vegetarian food. Our instructor, Mukti, was straight out of a storybook: spritely, sweet, and sincere. Best of all, it brought me through tears of joy back to center, something I haven’t felt in a long time.” — A. Mills, Browns Valley, CA

“Thank you for opening my eyes, heart, and brain to meditation. Even though I didn’t know what to expect, I learned more than I could have imagined. Ananda is a magical spiritual place. I also learned about being spiritual, which I didn’t think I had in me. My hopes are to continue what I learned. I will keep you posted.”  —S. Schochie

“I just returned from the Learn How to Meditate retreat. I am meditating everyday, so far, and feel that a door opened for me. Thank you for all your dedicated work.” — Christine E.

“Krishnadas is kind and compassionate. He exudes a peace that is contagious. He explained the techniques for meditation in a way I have never experienced before.  I know I will be able to take the tools home and experience the same peace. Thank you!”
—Amber,  Sparks, Nevada

“Krishnadas delivers the material clearly and with passion. The content is a good mix of philosophy and practical techniques.”
—Paul T, Piedmont, CA

“This program more than fulfilled my expectations. The immersion into the community at The Expanding Light made the experience much more than just a meditation class. Ganesha is kind, compassion

ate, and a wealth of knowledge, which he shared with joy.”
—Suzan, Santa Rosa, CA

“The best thing was the simplicity of the technique and how it was taught. I have taken this class before elsewhere but being in Ananda Village helped a lot and felt great!” —P. Bijlani, Sacramento, CA

“The program greatly exceeded my expectations. I will be able to leave here with the confidence of knowing I can meditate at home or with an Ananda group.” J. Flood, Lemoore, CA

“Ganesha was very attentive and generous with his knowledge and willingness to answer questions.” M. Brown, Belfast, ME

Do join us! If you have any questions, feel free to call us at 800-346-5350.

This course will be taught by Nayaswami Krishnadas, Nayaswami Mukti, Nayaswami Sahaja, Sabari Lester, or Ganesha.


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