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Esalen | Five-day Workshop with Loch Kelly & Anna-Lisa Adelberg

Esalen | Five-day Workshop with Loch Kelly & Anna-Lisa Adelberg

Five-day Workshop with Loch Kelly & Anna-Lisa Adelberg

For everyone.

What would the world be like if more of us discovered how to live an awakened life? Loch Kelly and Anna-Lisa Adelberg have integrated wisdom practices, neuroscience, and psychological research to support awakening as the next natural stage of human development. This retreat is for those who have benefitted from mindfulness meditation, yoga, psychotherapy, service to others, or have had a non-dual, transcendent awakening but feel like they “get it and lose it” and are asking “What’s next?”.

Awakening begins with a shift out of our small, separate sense of self to discover an “awake” awareness that we sense has been there all along. That awake awareness is inseparable from unconditional love and the dynamic aliveness interconnected with everything. Learn easily accessible methods that weave together feminine and masculine approaches to awakening and combine an ancient wisdom map, contemporary psychological models of healing and unique energetic ways of connecting.
Come learn how to shift out of your chattering mind and into embodied, openhearted awareness in the midst of everyday life. Small glimpse practices, spontaneous chi gung, walks in nature, yoga, shadow healing, peer inquiry and small group support bring us into energetic connection and embodied joyful flow.

Required reading:
Loch Kelly, The Way of Effortless Mindfulness: A Revolutionary Guide For Living An Awakened Life

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