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Conscious Breath Journey

Continue to ride the wave of the New Year and give yourself the gift of this sustainable new years resolution.

In this journey, you’ll deepen your relationship with your body, mind and spirit through conscious connected breathing. Bringing greater harmony and flow to the unconscious parts of your nervous system; releasing patterns and increasing connectivity to your true self.


*A deeper understanding of self
*Liberation from limiting patterns and beliefs
*Increased compassion for self and others
*Clarity of mind and freedom and openness of body
*More easeful relating with the world and clear boundaries
*Healthier nervous system/adrenal function
*Increased capacity/resilience/adaptability to move with life
*Increased awareness that life is happening for you not to you


Your outer world reflects your inner. Through the potency of your breath, you’ll strengthen your foundation and open to your true relationship with abundance and what’s wanting to come alive within you.


*A fully supported conscious breath journey with individualized breath pattern correction
*Embodiment and presence practice for everyday use
*Debriefing and group/individual sharing
*A deeper understanding of the mechanics and physiology of the breath
*Insight into your relationship with consciousness
*Tips and tools for integration and creating sustainable shifts
*A community of like-hearted souls
*Light refreshments
*Integration support as needed



Breathwork is an active meditation using the potency of your own breath for inner exploration, integration and reset. A direct path to opening to more energy, flow, freedom and clarity in your body and your life. How you breathe is a direct reflection of how you show up in life.

When you work consciously with your breath, you reset your nervous system and uncover and integrate unconscious patterns, blockages and barriers in your body and life. You bring deep awareness and create flow into areas where you have held dense, stuck energy, old stories, tension and dis-ease. You drop into the truth and beauty of who you are.



Friday, Jan 17th, 2020: 6:30pm-9:30pm.



$55/person. $88/pair. Save your space through the ticket link for individuals. E-transfer to for pairs. Feel free to email or message with any questions.



A yoga mat, pillow, blanket, closed-lid water bottle, journal, pen and dress in comfortable layers. The journey is done laying down and your temperature can fluctuate. The more relaxed and open in the body, the more you’ll receive from the journey.



Meet Carmen:

My background in Social Work, Breathwork and Yoga lays the foundation. Your inner wisdom and truth guides the way. I specialize in group and private connection experiences and breathwork journeys designed to use the power of relationship to explore and connect to yourself, others and the world as a whole. I believe connection, as well as feeling and expressing fully, changes everything.

With a degree in Social Work and certification as both an Advanced Breathwork Facilitator and Yoga Teacher, it’s been my own humbling path that has led me here. As a natural born explorer with insatiable curiosity, my fire burns for the magic and beauty of the world and I’m wildly passionate about unlocking the potential and possibility within. If what we share is sparked from what we crave most, it’s no wonder I landed specializing in connection, emotional expression/integration and nervous system reset.

What a gift to walk alongside you. Here’s to the journey.

FB @wildflowerretreats | IG @carmenganne | |

Meet Victoria:

For as long as I can remember, I have been passionate about creating space for people to heal. I began with becoming a Registered Nurse. Half way into my career a fire was lit within me when I had the opportunity to study Bio-Energy healing. Bio-Energy healing opened me up to the possibility of natural ways to heal which lead me to studying breathwork and becoming an advanced breathwork facilitator.

It is my passion and life’s purpose to share breathwork in this way. I am committed to sharing this medicine because of the profound impact it has had on my life. Deepening my relationship with my breath has provided me with a growing appreciation and acceptance of every experience life has to offer.

It’s such an incredible gift to hold space for and witness people coming together to breathe; allowing the breath to dissolve barriers and open hearts to one another. To me, this is the greatest gift.

It is an honour to create space for healing in this way. I am so looking forward to this journey with all of you.
Big love!

@hummingbirdvitality —

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