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Communication Hacks: The Triangle, Part 1

Communication Hacks for Leadership & Life: Discover How to Own, Innovate & Transcend

Communication is a make it or break it skill. Great communication skills are one of the first and most consistently required “criteria” listed on any job description. Faulty and incomplete communication is also a clear indicator of relationship breakdown. This applies in both business and personal contexts.

What is great communication? Why do we want it? How do we practice it? And how do we know when we’re actually achieving it?

We know what it isn’t: drama, confusion, recycling problems and conflict – resulting in lost time, money, progress, relationships and talented staff.

When we communicate clearly and completely, we know what we want, and we invite others to collaborate and even co-create with us. We’re able to share and hear, be understood and understand, all in ways that invite and create connection. When we’ve mastered these skills, we’re also able to recognize and own when we’re not doing it.

Some may fear conscious communication results in losing power and control, but instead we open opportunities and new paradigms. This not only improves individual relationships, it positively impacts the cultural foundation of teams and partnerships. Clarity also invokes agency, enabling people to truly take responsibility for and deliver results. When transparency and feedback become the norm, radical innovation is possible. Clear and full communication also requires courage, as what’s not of service becomes revealed.

We’re hosting a series of events to provide communication hacks – insight and practical tools, often including downloadable handouts – focusing on different topics about communication.

Join Laureli and Deb in a series of online offerings to discover how you have been communicating…and own, innovate and transcend to communication mastery. Each event will provide insight and practical tools, sometimes downloadable handouts, each event or short series focusing on a different topic about communication.

Deb and Laureli walk our talk, applying all the tools we present throughout our businesses and lives.

Our offerings include:
* Genius: An Easy Spiral Path to Success on Tues/Wed Feb 18/19, 6-7pm PT and 12-1pm (AET) – details at

* The Triangle: Part 1 Wed/Thurs February 19/20 & Part 2 Wed/Thurs Feb 26/27, both 6-7pm PT and 12-1pm (AET) – details at (coming soon)

* Breaking Through Personas & Masks: Sun/Mon March 1/2 , 6-7pm PT and 12-1pm (AET) – details at (coming soon)

* Attention & Awareness – Come In from Out of Balance: Tues/Wed March 10/11, 7-8pm PT and 12-1pm (AET) – details at (coming soon)

* Feelings & Fears + Fear Melters®: Part 1 Wed/Thurs March 18/19, Part 2 Wed/Thurs March 25/26 & Part 3 Wed/Thurs April 1/2, all three 7-8pm PT and 12-1pm (AET) – details at (coming soon)

Cost: $12 US Each
How Pay:

Deb Glass is a certified coach and leadership consultant, training CEO’s, entrepreneurs and others in conscious business and life relating. Using Body Psychology and Somatic Psychotherapy, she facilitates whole-bodied learning experiences for radical transformation. She shifts cultures so people own healthy responsibility, self-awareness and eliminate drama. Deb is qualified as a Big Leap Coach and Graduate of the Leadership and Transformation Program of the Hendricks Institute, USA. She is based on the Gold Coast, AU. Deb offers in person and online coaching and workshops across Australia, New Zealand and internationally. Connect with Deb at

Laureli Shimayo is a Body Psychology Coach, Relationship Intuitive & Leadership Consultant. She has training and/or certification in Personality Archetypes, Somatic Psychotherapy, Intuitive Integral Psychotherapy, Embodied Facilitation, Leadership Coaching, Entrepreneurship and Culture Change. Laureli resides in Seattle, WA and offers coaching and events throughout the northwestern US and across the globe. Learn more and connect at

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