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Deepen your relationship to the plant kingdom in this on-of-a-kind 6 week course, where you commune with, learn from, and heal with 6 incredible plant teachers during the darkest weeks of the year.

During this time of the year it is said that the veils between the worlds are thinnest. This means that we can access spiritual wisdom more easily, that we can communicate with the subtle realms more keenly, and that we have access to our own unconscious minds and our shadow more readily, making healing extra potent.

How do you want to utilize this sensitive, intuitive and powerful time?

When we choose to invest in our inner growth and healing, we rewrite any stories telling us that we are not worthy. When we choose to open the doorway between the mysteries of the plant realms and our very soul’s nature, we open the gateway of vast and powerful connection and communion.

The plants are here to help. They carry so much guidance, wisdom, healing, and love. They want us to heal. They want us to thrive. They are our ancestors and allies.

It was through working with plants in this profound relational way that I began my journey of reclaiming my voice, stepping into my power, reclaiming my body, and reshaping my mind.

I want this for you too.

This class is a cozy womb for turning towards your wise inner knowing, guided by the trust and love of the plants.

It is an impactful, life-shifting experience that is nourishing, radically healing, and revolutionary in-and-of itself.


Each week, from deep in the Samhain darkness to the Winter Solstice, you will work with one of six plant spirit medicines to deepen relationship and explore the depths of yourself and your psyche.

Through guided meditation journeys, journal prompts, and written information, you will move through unique healing processes inspired by each of the plants, as well as intimately learn the medicine they provide.


3 live calls – (Nov. 8th, Nov. 29th & Dec. 20th – subject to change)
6 Wildcrafted Groundwater Healing plant medicine tinctures
How to sit with plants and create sacred connection
Developing ritual space and making an altar
6 guided audio journeys – one for each week to deepen your work with the plant medicine
Written information on the medicine of each of the plant, both psycho-spiritual and physical
Weekly journal prompts to go further in your personal connection and healing
Access to me and community through the comments section
Weekly email check-ins

Words From a Past Participant:
“As someone who has been connecting with plants for years, I can honestly say that this course took my relationship to plants to an incredible new, deeper level. I laughed, I cried, I discovered new parts of myself, found answers to burning questions, and I healed some things. This is a unique and deeply needed course, for anyone interested in connecting more deeply with the planet, with our plant-kin and with their own, inner wisdom.” -Amanda

About the Teacher:
Amy is a bodyworker, soulful embodiment facilitator, herbalist, writer, and teacher in Portland, OR. Her practice focuses on helping people reconnect with their bodies and their innate personal power, sourced from a rooted connection with the Earth.

She is passionate about helping the world heal its deep wounds of disconnection, and she believes this begins by each of us healing what is disconnected within ourselves, and where we are cut off from our full selves. She believes this is integrally twined with how we have disconnected from nature, the earth, and all other living beings, and she hopes to inspire reconnection with the natural world on an intimate level.

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