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Building Momentum – REstart 2022 with more oomph!

January 22 @ 8:00 am - 9:30 am PST

Virtual Virtual Event
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Did the last three weeks hold what you were hoping for? Are you still convinced that 2022 will become your best year?

If you feel like 2022 hasn’t started like you were expecting, you are not alone.

Do you know about Blue Monday? It generally describes the 3rd Monday of January and is considered to be the most depressing day of the year. Whaaat?!

We say that’s rubbish. You’ll only feel down and demotivated this time of the year if you didn’t expand your New Year’s plans and resolutions in a way that didn’t factor in setbacks or motivational lows.

Let’s change that.

Success isn’t just about the goals you set. It is not even about the action steps you put into place in order to reach those goals.

Crucial as those strategies are, so is your energy and inner alignment with your true needs and desires. If those are not in place, most likely attaining your goals will be a rocky road – if you haven’t already abandoned them altogether.

In this free, 90min workshop, we will revisit your goals, see which bits we can redesign for more ease and joy, which bits rather need replacing with something more fun or useful and which bits are “shoulds” or “need to” rather than “want to”s. If your dream doesn’t light YOU up, who is it for?

Further, we will look at how you value your choices and if what is getting in the way of you taking the action has to do with unfulfilled needs or hidden self-doubt. If your body is aligned with what your mind wishes for, taking inspired action is easy. But is it?

Or are you holding on to old hurts, setbacks, or other people’s expectations that might keep you from fully going after your dreams?

Let’s clear old any old beliefs, stagnant energy and other, no longer helpful patterns and behaviours so you can fully step into your ideal and most able self.

The workshop will be a mix of live taught elements, exercises and sharing. Pen, paper and an open mind are all you need to bring. We will be meeting via Zoom & a recording will be made available afterward.

By the end of the session, you will have:

  • fallen back in love with your dream(s)
  • cleared out any internal blockages that stop your success
  • found more effective and easy ways to get what you want
  • experience more joy and flow while taking massive inspired action
  • trust yourself again that you CAN do it!


Kind words we received after previous workshops & sessions:

(names not shared to maintain privacy)

“Thank you for the workshop. It was really helpful to put things into perspective and focus.”

“I am more active, I procrastinate less, I started moving more and having more energy.”

“I was feeling quite overwhelmed about taking steps forward in my business/practice before, to the point where I felt completely frozen about moving forward with it. Through Nicolina’s guidance, I was able to recognise that I can honour my own cycles and life situations into my business plan so that it doesn’t feel as overwhelming.”

“I was able to reconnect with my vision and see through some obstacles that were holding me back. Afterwards, I witnessed some positive and surprising breakthroughs in my daily actions.”

“I learned that it is OK for me to take up space.”

It is time for a change of inner and outer strategy and redesign 2022 so it really will be your most sparkling year yet.


Nicolina Werther is a trauma-integrating success coach, intuitive business guide and embodiment facilitator who focuses on helping sensitive and gentle entrepreneurs, artists and change-makers to embody their full potential and create impact with their most aligned messages and work. Her courses and bespoke coaching programmes are designed to help her clients align their inner world with their outer aspirations and have their natural passions, desires and strengths guide them to build a better life for themselves and the wider world around them. Nicolina specialises in helping those who chronically feel overlooked or under-valued to feel heard, seen, acknowledged and celebrated.

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Nicolina Werther
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