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Breathwork for Breaking Free!

June 26 @ 9:00 am - 10:30 am PDT

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The intention for this practice will be to summon one of your projections, see it with conscious awareness and offer your mind a healing alternative.  We’ll do a little journaling,  use our voices to express an emerging desire for freedom, and breathe life into that possibility.   If you are planning on attending this class you can start to work with the energy now by thinking of an issue that you grapple with.  Take notes as the thoughts (defense, entitlement, judgment, criticism) and insights (aha’s and alternative ideas) come to you between now and then.

Breathwork is a somatic healing experience, using pranayama breath and through paying close attention to the sensations in the body we are able to let go of our minds, connect to our bodies and have an experience of theta state.  This process enables you to bring into connection three glands in the brain; the hypothalamus, the pineal, and the pituitary gland creating an opening of the heart and allows for the release of strong emotions like grief, anger, and fear.

In essence, we are drawing into connection through the breath our conscious and subconscious mind.  The physically embodied experience builds self-love, the ability to feel your heart, and reinforces a foundation of trust in yourself.  It’s a gently guided realization that it will not hurt you to go beyond your physiological limits.  If you are willing to stand and breathe at the edge of yourself and keep going, you will go beyond.  This work teaches you how to go beyond your perceived limits and connect to the strength at the very core of your essential nature.

Breathwork is an opportunity for you to connect so deeply with yourself that you can begin to create new emotional pathways that allow you to open your heart and receive love to a new depth.  We usually encounter some resistance to healing as the mind believes that it will be painful and scary to stretch the parameters of our awareness.  If you encounter some resistance as you prepare for healing extend kindness to those spaces inside your body and lean into the resistance, extract from between the fear that which will serve you as you dive deep into the folds of your human experience.

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June 26
9:00 am - 10:30 am
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Spirited Roots