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Awaken Now! A 4-day Residential Retreat with Leonard Jacobson < Head + Heart

Awaken Now! A 4-day Residential Retreat with Leonard Jacobson

Over the course of this four-day retreat with Leonard Jacobson, participants will experience the deepest levels of Presence and Oneness. The energy of love, acceptance and compassion generated within the group creates a perfect environment for healing and releasing the past. There will also be opportunity for personal guidance from Leonard as well as individual time for silence and reflection. The retreat sessions are incredibly dynamic, great fun, deeply healing and are a life changing opportunity to awaken.

The natural environment and quiet pace of the center will allow for extraordinary experiences to unfold. There will also be time to take walks through the majestic redwoods or relax in the many beautiful, quiet spots throughout the center.

Mount Madonna Center is a conference and retreat center located in Northern California on 355 acres of mountaintop redwood forest and grassland overlooking the beautiful Monterey Bay. The redwood forest is pure majestic beauty and a hike through the thick canopy is as if you are entering a sacred cathedral. You know your place in the universe better after a walk through a redwood forest. It is a perfect setting for a retreat with Leonard.

In these retreats with Leonard Jacobson, you can participate in silence, you can ask questions or you can share anything that is in need of healing and release. The primary focus is always upon being present, and deepening into Presence.

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