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The Akashic Records are my most favorite intuitive tool.

The Records are, in essence, a metaphysical library to delve into the past, present, and future identities of the human soul. We can ask the records about almost anything and receive intuitive information to help us gain clarity and chart the way forward.

Anyone can access them using a simple little thing called the Pathway Process Prayer (seriously, you can just google it), but it can be hard to know what’s what when you first try cracking them open. Especially if your relationship with your intuition is a little complicated.

In this workshop, we’ll learn what the heck the Akashic Records are, what you can use them for, and how you can access them yourself to create reliance on your own intuition and get friendly with your spiritual team.

You’ll also receive a cheat sheet pdf of questions you can ask your Records and the outline of the process so you’re set up for success moving forward.

Everyone who purchases a ticket will also be sent a REPLAY of the event to watch afterwards, so if you can’t join us live – we got you.


Q: Do I need to be on video for this event?

A: Nope! We always love to see your face to create as close to a sense of community and connection as we can through a screen, but zoom fatigue is real too y’all!

Q: How to prepare for the event?

A: Bring a journal and pen for notes! Create a cozy space for yourself with a yummy beverage.

Q: Who is this event for?

A: Anyone curious and interested in exploring the Akashic Records and developing a stronger connection with your intuition. If you feel called to be here, this event is for you.

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Hannah occupies the space between wellness seeker & provider, and founded her company Three Moon Collective to help people find the practices & providers they resonate with. She believes that wellness is by no means a one-size-fits-all deal, and applies a “take what you need & leave the rest” approach to her own wellness journey. Her first love was yoga, but she now counts energy work, tarot, and Akashic Record readings as some of her other favorite practices.

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