West coast wellness festivals

West Coast Wellness Festivals We’ve Got Our Eye On

There are so many reasons to take in a wellness festival. These multi-day events bring together top teachers in beautiful spaces, where you can explore a variety of practices, from yoga, to Kirtan, to shamanism, to kundalini, to Gua Sha … Read More

Pranayama Breathing Explained // Head + Heart: Spiritual + Wellness Events

411: Pranayama Breathing Explained

The 4th limb of yoga covered in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali is Pranayama.  Each of the 8 limbs offers guidance on how to practice or achieve yoga in one’s life.  This rich guide that offers a deep dive into … Read More

2019 Washington Meditation Retreats

Washington Meditation Retreats

Your guide to upcoming Washington Meditation Retreats So, you’re ready to dive into some silence? Whether you’re an experienced meditator or relatively new to practising meditation – seeking a retreat with a specific teacher or needing a self guided experience … Read More