10 Fav Spiritual Books

10 Books To Befriend on Your Spiritual Journey

There are some books that you can come back to again and again and continue to find new treasures to take back into your life. The following books are like that. Each offers some rock solid gold for the journey of being a human being, on a planet that’s more than a little crazy. These books become friends. While this list isn’t the complete required reading for the spiritual path (we could have made it way longer), it’s got some of our old and new favs. Tell us: what would you add to this list? 

A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle 

This book has been a life-changer for many. Tolle frames the human struggle in such an accessible way, and offers rich context to the human struggle along with great practical tips for getting free. A New Earth is very similar to his super popular book, Power of Now, which some prefer for the more direct writing style. 

The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer

You know how you get super bothered by other people, and sometimes yourself primarily. This book explains why, and how to let go of the mind constructs that keep us suffering. You can return to this one again and again, as what he’s prescribing is definitely a life long practice for most. And if surrender is calling to you, Singer has written a book, and offers a course to support living a surrendered life. Ya, it’s a bit extreme, but we recommend it. 

The Four Agreements by Don Ruiz Miguel

Don Ruiz Miguel has brought Toltec wisdom to the masses with this extremely accessible, simple, and deep guidebook. If we all could live by these four agreements, our planet would become heaven on earth. In the meantime, let’s at least try. Highly recommend. 

Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda

Indian Sage, Paramahansa Yogananda first published this book 1946, as a companion to anyone on the awakening path. He dives into the ancient science of yoga and meditation, offering so much for modern practitioners. For those who’ve had enlightenment experiences, this book offers great support. 

Loving What Is by Byron Katie

If you want to learn how to accept, and love your life, this book is for you. The title really says it all. Katie’s methodology (The Work), which has changed so many lives on this planet, is broken down so you can practice at home, and learn to love and accept your life today: Which is the starting place for true change. 

The Gratitude Prescription by Will Pye 

Having been diagnosed with a brain tumour, Will Pye was thrown into deep depression, and became suicidal. This book details his miraculous turnaround, as he used the practice of gratitude to transform every aspect of his life, even his tumour. A powerful book, and life-changing practice, especially for those who tend to see problems everywhere (guilty!). 

Daring Greatly by Brene Brown

Brene Brown told the world that being vulnerable is actually a strength, not a weakness, and we’ve loved her so much ever since. This book is a companion for anyone ready to embrace vulnerability, emotions, trying-and-possibly-failing, and well, humanness. So good. 

Love and Rage by Lama Rod Owens

New to the scene, Love and Rage shows how repressed anger, and the rage, trauma, emotions, under it, needs to be met with respect and acceptance, on the path to being free. Owens has a unique, relatable, and powerful message that anyone struggle with anger will deeply benefit from. 

You Belong by Sebene Selassie 

From beloved meditation teacher Sebene Selassie, You Belong is a call to action, exploring the collective relationship – we all have-  with belonging, connection, and each other. 

Women Who Run With the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estés 

Beautiful, raw, poetic, and tangible, this book is a deep embrace of what it means to be a free woman on this planet, and how to free ourselves from the archetypes that have kept us enslaved. 

There’s a lot of wisdom on this list, and we don’t recommend reading these all at once. Savour each, and let the gold become your own. 

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