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Essentials of Mindfulness Class at Insight LA California

Essentials of Mindfulness

This is InsightLA's popular basics of mindfulness class! This is our premier introduction to creating and incorporating an effective and ongoing insight meditation practice in all aspects of your life. This 6-week class is appropriate for beginners as well as experienced meditators who want to refresh the fundamentals of their...
Los Feliz, United States
Feb 22, 2018 - Apr 6, 2018
Spring Insight Meditation Residential Retreat (6 Nights)

Spring Insight Meditation Residential Retreat (6 Nights)

DEEPEN YOUR PRACTICE WITH A MINDFULNESS RETREAT IN BEAUTIFUL LUCERNE VALLEY... Join InsightLA's Beth Sternlieb, Gullu Singh & Cayce Howe for this very special 6 night mindfulness retreat at the beautiful and serene Royal Way Spiritual Center. Time in retreat allows us to step out of the complexity of our...
Lucerne Valley, United States
Apr 2, 2018 - Apr 8, 2018

Vision & Value: Weekly Group

• What we'll do Come together to understand and pursue your personal 'VISION AND VALUE' in a group that will help you clarify your deepest desires and create the means to navigate towards them. Each week, members will have the time and space to reflect upon what fills them up...
Portland, United States
Apr 2, 2018
Mindfulness Meditation with Gentle Yoga

Mindfulness Meditation with Gentle Yoga

This workshop is for both new and experienced meditators. Quiet the mind, calm the nervous system and open the heart. Access being balanced and peaceful in any situation. Enhance your concentration and memory. Join teacher Janice Clarfield for this 4-session workshop. Janice has been teaching for over 25 years, and...
Vancouver, Canada
Apr 2, 2018
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